About Aquaculture Insight
Aquaculture Insight has created a framework conducive to investment. A long-term view has been taken to ensure that this investment in aquaculture development is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. Aquaculture Insight has taken the following into account to achieve this objective:
• A strong demand for fish products,
• decrease in supply of competing food products,
• correct site location and system design,
• control and management of production parameters,
• high international food prices,
• efficient use of resources, and
• economies of scale
All these variables taken into account prove to be a winning combination that will ensure the success and sustainability of our proposed aquaculture systems. We have developed an operational support programme, to support investing farmers during the implementation phase, thus guarantee’s the sustainability of our proposed aquaculture systems.
Company & Project Milestones
• April 2010 , Company formation in April 2010
• April 2010 , First Export order received for a 12 Ton / Month (244 Ton / Year) Tilapia Farm in Germany
• May 2010 , First 12 Ton / Month Fish Farming Cluster designed, manufactured and shipped to Germany in Kit form
• May 2010 , Appointed as Consultants to assist with a feasibility study and bankable business plan for a 60.000 Ton / year Aquaculture Facility backed by EU Fundinge
• June 2010 , Appointed by Sasol Chem-City and the City of Johannesburg to design and a 40 Ton / year Tilapia Farm which includes Overall Project Management, System Design, Manufacture, Installation, Training and Mentorship Program
• June 10 – March 11 , Consulting services to Blue IQ (a development company) with a view to investin into a sustainable Aquaponics venture to eventually create 250 jobs, empower 20 historically disadvantaged business owners and produce 4500 Ton / Year fish, Hydroponics grown vegetable and 24.000 bags of vermi-compost
• July 2010 , Approached as Consultants to assist with a feasibility study and bankable business plan for a Yellowtail Farm – Alexcor Mining Cooperative
• July 2011 , Namibian State Hatchery – Manufactured and supplied the Namibian State Hatchery in knock down kit format. Consulting, design and supply of hardware
• August 2011 , Appointed as Consultants to assist with a feasibility study and bankable business plan for a 300 ton Kob farm – Southern Cape South Africa
• August 2011 , Designed, manufactured and installed a crayfish holding facility for Mr. Chris Meyer at Port Edward
• August 2011 , Developed Ki-Aqua Production management system (Aquaculture software) with Kirschauer Aquakulturen in Germany
• September 2011 , Appointed to consult with Russlan Fisheries in Siberia (Russia) to develop a 15 ton/month Tilapia and a 300 Ton per year Pike Perch facility
• May 2012 , Received order to manufacture the first of six 15 ton/month Tilapia facilities to be supplied to Russlan Fisheries in Siberia. Components shipped to Russia beginning July 2012. Plant erection in Siberia during September and October.
• July 2012 , In final negotiations to supply a 10 Ton/month Tilapia facility to Ghana. This will entail a joint venture with a 5 year mentorship program

Projects pending

• Kenyan State Hatchery – 2 000 000 fingerling per year production
• Ghana Tilapia Project – 10 Ton/month production
• Russlan Fisheries (Russia) Phase 2 – 5
• Kirschauer Aquakulturen – Second 12 Ton/Month Tilapia farm for Germany
• Finalization of JV with Phaphama Group (ANC Veterans League)
Our Team
Uwe Dominick owns numerous international businesses and will be performing a commercial leadership role in Aquaculture Insight

Heiner Dominick has worked for multi-national corporate companies around the world and bring business developmental insight and plays a strong strategic role.