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Aquaponics / Vermiculture is a system where a secondary crop of plants is grown using the effluent from the aquaculture facility. In many cases, these plants aid in filtration, acting as biofilters to remove nitrates from the water.

There are several ways of creating integrated systems as part of recirculation systems. These most often include effluent from the tank or pond first running through a clarifier (worm Farm), to remove the majority of the suspended solids. After this step, the water runs through a container where plants are grown. This may be a series of trays which have plants floating on the water, or the plants may be growing in a media such as gravel. This water may then flow through another filter or just be returned to the aquaculture tank. The combination of agriculture and aquaculture in this way is commonly referred to as aquaponics. Plant crops in aquaponics are usually limited to lettuce and other leafy crops, since they readily use the nitrogen available as a waste in aquaculture systems but and very dependant on calcium (which is not present in aquaculture systems) as many fruiting plants do.
Consulting Services Include : Manufacturing Services Include :

• Conceptualisation Documents
• Feasibility Studies
• Business Plans
• EIA and Socio Economic Reports
• Site Management Systems
      Day to Day management
      Growth Performance Curves
      Financial management
• Training and development of project personnel
• Hydroponics / Vermiculture Management









• Turnkey System Design
• Manufacture and Installation of :
      Hydroponic Systems
      Vermiculture Systems
      Maggot Systems
• Waste Recovery Systems
• Wetlands