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Its no secret that our fish stocks are seriously under threat across the globe. The reason for this situation is largely due to over-exploitation of marine resources resulting in disturbances of many marine eco-systems..

Nevertheless, the demand for these aquatic resources is increasing. Aquaculture plays an important role in complimenting the sustainability of fisheries resources by relieving pressure on wild stocks. Aquaculture market advantages include improved reliability of supply and quality, flexibility of product form and availability.

Aquaculture Insight specialises in Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (RAS). Subject to water conservation and retention of heat energy our RAS may include an integrated approach with that of wermiculture and hydroponics, combined with the ability to generate results. Due to the strategic nature of re-circulation aquaculture systems we have developed a system that guarantees optimal production environment from both a management and biological perspective.

The growing number of viable investment opportunities being generated by the aquaculture sector will only be brought to fruition if explored and developed through capital investment and commercial risk taking. There are clear indicators that with the appropriate financial leverage it will be possible to structure a commercial venture in such a manner that attractive returns are generated. We at Aquaculture Insight are very excited as to the future prospect of our business concept concurrent with our operational support networks; therefore we encourage potential investors to contact us for further information.