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  1. In net vyf maande en tien dae het ’n Suid-Kaapse maatskappy die toerusting vir ’n volledige vistelery vervaardig, uitgevoer en in Duitsland aanmekaargesit. Die eerste van 11 varswatervisplase wat deur die Suid-Afrikaanse maatskappy AquaCulture Insight Bpk. ontwerp is, is reeds einde Augustus in die deelstaat Sakse opgerig. Wanneer al 11 plase voltooi is, sal hulle saam sowat 1 500 ton rooi tilapia en 120 ton zander per jaar produseer.
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  2. Saxony’s largest Aquaculture Farm has been opened.Is it possible, that there are two Karl Dominicks? Yes, for the last 44 years that is. The twins, Uwe (who lives in South Africa) and Karl, could only be distinguished via the different colours of their shirts on the day of the activation of two farm construction segments.
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  3. A new aquaculture forum in George has created a platform for the local industry to share information and to take hands in the effort to establish aquaculture as a regional comodity.
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  4. The opening of a fish farm on 18 February this year by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a remote location in Siberia, is a milestone for a small George company - Aquaculture Insight (Pty) Limited
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Russlan Fisheries Siberia - Completion October 2012

Assembly and Construction of System in Kirschau - Germany

Namibian State Hatchery

Company News – 15 April 2010

Aquaculture Insight ships first of 11 Fish Farms to Germany

It has been a big day for Aquaculture Insight, we have exported the first of eleven [11] fish farms in kit forminto Germany. The system comprises of a total water volume exceeding 425m3 and has three separate RAS (Re-circulating Aquaculture System)filtration systems allowing the owner to farm a variety of different species on site. The complete system has a low power consumption and the flow has been designed to gravitate through the filtration process thus saving valuable energy costs as pumps are only required to pressurize the return lines.




Main System Features Include:
Tilapia Hatchery
Tilapia Nursery
Tilapia Grow Out Tanks

Additional System Components:
Zander (Nile Perch) Grow Out Tanks
Saibling (German Trout) Grow Out Tanks

RAS (Re-circulating Aquaculture System) Components:
Swirl Separators (Cyclones), Mechanical Drum Filtration, Ozofrac Unit (Ozone Injection unit with Foam Fractionator), Trickle & Degassing Towers, Bio-Media Sumps, Main System Pumps, Heat Exchangers, PH Control, System Monitoring Probes and Automatic Dosage Pumps.

The re-circulating system will be located indoors in an industrial park in a small town called Kirschau. Part of the challenge that we as Aquaculture Insight were faced with was the design of a re-circulating system that offers optimal growth temperatures throughout the year, allowing for constant production and optimal growth to feed ratios

The re-circulating aquaculture system is two fold and includes both a warm water and a cold water system. The warm water system is for the production of Tilapia and Zander (Nile Perch) where the cold water system is for Saibling (local trout species in Germany). The system also has a separate filtration system for the Hatchery and Nursery to ensure that the Phosphate levels are kept to a minimum and to prevent contamination from the main grow out system.

Special Thanks

The above feat was achieved in 5 weeks from date of receipt of order to dispatch of the first 40ft container to Germany. Many late nights have been put in to reach this deadline and we are proud to say that with the help of Gary Dalbock from the Fiberglass Shop as well as his team who worked tirelessly and also the Astore Africa team in East London this would not have been possible.