Products / Services
Aquaculture Insight specialises in intensive recirculation systems, combined with the ability to generate results. Being a controlled system, environmental factors can be manipulated to ensure optimal breeding and growing conditions throughout the year. This will ensure a constant supply of the fish.
Consulting Services Include : Manufacturing Services Include :

• Conceptualisation Documents
• Feasibility Studies
• Business Plans
• EIA and Socio Economic Reports
• Stock Management Programme
• Site Management Systems
      Day to Day management
      Growth Performance Curves
      Financial management
• Aquaculture Production Optimisation
      Water Quality Management
• Training and development of project personnel
• Aquaculture Management
   Sanitary Precautions
• Aquaculture Management - Production
      Grow out
      Feed Management
      Grading and Size Sorting
• Marketing Tilapia


• Turnkey System Design
• Manufacture and Installation of fish farming systems
      (RAS) Reticulating Aquaculture Systems
      Retrofit filtration systems
      Upgrading of existing systems
• Influent Water Conditioning Plants
• Effluent Water Conditioning Plants
• Waste Recovery Systems
• Wetlands